Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rene Redzepi and Other Famous Chefs Search for the Distinctive Spirit in Poland.

I am publishing a short post tonight and I am definitely inviting you to watch a short, 15 minute movie which is linked below. It was shot during the Cook It Raw (Poland). Cook It Raw is a renowned culinary event which took place this year in the eastern Poland at the end of August 2012. Since its creation in Copenhagen, Cook it Raw has grown to become a combination of the greatest contemporary artists  in the world of gastronomy. The film which is linked below was  shown during the  Food Film Festival which, has just finished in Warszawa (it also took place in Gdańsk and Poznań – unfortunately not in Kraków).  Cook It Raw Poland was the fifth edition of Cook It Raw event in three years.”…. This year's edition took place in a remote area of eastern Poland with thirteen chefs, for example René Redzepi from Noma , important French chef Pascal Barbot, Mauro Colagreco, , Daniel Patterson, Ben Shewry, and  Iñaki Aizpitarte.

Find out more about Suwałki Region! I read today in some articles summarizing Cook It Raw Poland that it is “…an ethnic mosaic of many peoples and faiths inhabits a landscape of exceptional purity. The Region provided therefore the perfect setting within which to explore the concept of culture as a constant flow of influence..Many influential and innovative chefs from all over the World visited Suwalszczyzna Region. They met local farmers, cooks, artists, hunters etc. Together, they shared customs and trade ideas. The result has been a lasting cultural bridge, one uniting the past and future of Polish cuisine”.

If you would like to find  out more about Cook It Raw Poland, you can also read articles linked below, written in English:

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I am surely going to watch the video as it seems really interesting from the description and label also.Cook It Raw is the very famous culturual festival of Poland.

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